Baskets as Practical Décor

Adding a few baskets to your home will instantly increase the aesthetics of your interior and significantly boost the warmth and coziness factor of the room.

There are so many great ways to use baskets as décor in the different rooms of your house. In the kitchen, putting a nice fruit basket with fresh fruits on the counter will make the area much more inviting. When serving breakfast, you can put the warm bread on a serving basket made of rattan, which will instantly whet your family’s appetite.

Fruit baskets   Bringing in some plants to the living room can liven up the area but the plain-looking or sometimes even unsightly pots can ruin the interior. You can easily solve this by putting the pots inside a decorative flower pot basket. This will not only conceal the ordinary pot but also create a topic of conversation for visitors.

Baskets can also easily turn a blank wall into an art gallery. Instead of the typical paintings or framed photos, why not hang woven art on your walls? These pieces will easily create a unique focal point in any room of your home.


Baskets as Practical Décor

Adding a few baskets to your home


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