Baskets for Storage

There are countless ways to use baskets for storage, depending on the size and type of the basket. You just need to make sure that the material and style of the basket would match the interior design in the room.
Hamper baskets    Large rectangular baskets make wonderful laundry baskets or hampers. Smaller ones can work well for storing magazines on the coffee table. Baskets are also a very practical way to store your kids’ toys. Supersized baskets placed right on the floor can be the home of your kids’ stuffed toys while a set of small basket trays make for a very organized way to store Lego pieces.

In a guest bedroom that does not have much storage space, you can use a basket to contain blankets or extra pillows. The guest bathroom can also have its own storage basket for towels or toilet paper rolls.
Even the kitchen can benefit greatly from a few baskets. The counter, which often looks cluttered with all the condiments and utensils all over the place, can instantly become tidy if you put all these things in a small round basket tray on a corner of the counter.

There are no rules when it comes to using baskets around your home so you can let your imagination and creativity run free. Take your cue from the existing design in your room and see which baskets work best in the space. For some really amazing baskets made by the finest weavers in the world, you can check out the collections at Zebark. These baskets are of the highest quality and are ideal for both décor and storage.

Baskets for Storage


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