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Great Pet Sitters asks for all users to be registered to post ads and connect pet owners and service providers. We use our site direct messaging system to enable communications between pet owners and service providers. Service Providers can post their business information in their ads, but Pet Owners aren't asked to provide contact info.

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Use the Add a Listing button - or go to the Add a Listing page. Choose which type of Ad you would like to post. It’s a simple step thru process to enter all the information for your ad, including uploading pictures and video links! The last step for a service listing goes thru our secure checkout system and posts your Ad. 🙂


Your Listing will be live and visible by anyone browsing Great Pet Sitters! Then Browse thru service providers and pet owner wanted listings, when you find what you are looking for - reach out and connect!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

For Pet Owners:

  1. Create an Account: Sign up for a free account as a Pet Owner with Great Pet Sitters. We ask for your basic contact info to create your account, but we do not publish it anywhere on our website or provide it to our Service Providers.
  2. Add a Pet Sitting WANTED Listing: Create a free listing outlining your pet care needs and sharing information about your pet(s).
  3. Service Providers will respond to your Listing: Our Great Pet Sitters will send you a direct message if they are able to provide the service you are looking for.
  4. Review Service Provider Profiles: Click on the Service Providers username and review their Services Listings – this is where you will find all the details they have provided about their services, experience, qualifications and also any reviews.  If you would like more information or to contact the Service Provider you can return their direct message or contact them via their Service Listing contact info.
  5. Talk to and Meet with Great Pet Sitters: Set up meet and greets, discuss all aspects of your pet care needs, and ensure that the Service Provider is able to provide the level of care your great pet deserves. Make sure you ask the hard questions about how prepared they are to deal with emergencies, what their communication methods are, how they deal with disputes and refunds.
  6. Ask for References: ask the Service Provider for their references and check them! Ask for proof of their insurance, qualifications, and experience if these things are important to you.

For Service Providers:

  1. Create an Account: Sign up for a free account as a Service Provider with Great Pet Sitters. We ask for your basic contact info to create your account, but as you are a Great Pet Sitter you will need to publish a Pet Sitting SERVICES Listing to advertise your services and contact information.
  2. Add a Pet Sitting SERVICES Listing: Fill out your listing and get it published on our site! This is where you will advertise your services to all our Great Pet Owners. Be sure to provide information about all your qualifications and experience. You can upload photos of your pets and/or past clients, you can add documents such as your insurance coverage, diplomas, background checks or any applicable membership details.  Showcase your expertise as a pet care professional!
  3. Search for WANTED Listings: Run a free search for Pet Owner listings in your area and send a direct message to apply to the ones you are interested in!
  4. Respond to Pet Owner Inquiries: Pet Owners are able to contact you from the displayed contact information in your SERVICES listing, or if they are a registered user they can also DM you!
  5. Talk to and Meet with Great Pet Owners: Set up meet and greets, discuss all aspects of their pet care needs, and ensure that you can provide the level of care their great pet deserves. Make sure you provide information about how prepared you are to deal with emergencies, what your communication methods are, how you deal with disputes and refunds.
  6. Provide your References: Be prepared with a list of references and other information about your insurance, qualifications, and experience, so that the Pet Owner is able to verify your credentials.


Are there any fees to use the site?

We charge Service Providers to add their SERVICES listings.  It’s a one-time charge per listing (see our Pricing page for more details) We don’t charge any commissions or whatever else some of those other pet sitter sites charge. We are just a listing service for our Great Pet Sitters and Pet Owners.  

We also do not charge Pet Owners any fees for posting their WANTED Listings on our site.

Can anyone get listed on Great Pet Sitters as a Service Provider? do they have to meet any basic requirements?

While anyone can create an account on Great Pet Sitters, our best Service Providers show their credentials in their SERVICES listings. With the ability to upload photos and pdf documents to their listing, Service Providers can show proof of their insurance, education, and experience. Even their recent background check, reference check, and professional membership documents can be uploaded for Pet Owners to view.

Are all Service Providers background checked?

No. Great Pet Sitters does not perform background checks. If a Service Provider has had a background check done recently they are strongly encouraged to post this on their listing. Pet Owners can always ask the Service Provider for proof of a background check if it is important to them.

Do all Service Providers have insurance?

No. Great Pet Sitters recommends all Service Providers purchase insurance to cover their pet sitting business. Service Providers who have insurance are strongly encouraged to post this on their listing. Pet Owners can always ask the Service Provider for proof of insurance if it is important to them.

How do Service Providers demonstrate their experience or education?

Great Pet Sitters recommends all Service Providers post about their education, experience and any pet sitting association memberships or other credentials in their SERVICES listing. This can be done in the description section as well as with the photos and pdf uploads sections that are available. They can even post videos of themselves and their pets to showcase their abilities! This should always be a topic discussed in a meet and greet.

How can I make sure a Service Provider is the right fit for my pets?  

See our blog post for an in depth article on this! We strongly suggest thoroughly discussing your pet care needs with your sitter and having a meet and greet prior entering into any agreement, business, contract, or relationship with any Service Provider. A meet and greet is a great way to get to know a potential Service Provider and see how they interact with your pet(s). Ask for references and check them! Check their listing on Great Pet Sitters and see if they have any reviews posted.

Please remember that Great Pet Sitters is only a listing service to connect Great Pet Sitters with Pet Owners, we are not involved in any part of the agreement or contract between the Service Provider and Pet Owner.

Why can’t I find a Great Pet Sitter in my area?

Great Pet Sitters is a brand-new site, as we grow and become more well known we will get more Service Providers listing with us. We hope to be able to help you find Service Providers who can help you with all your pet care needs soon. Please spread the word about who we are and what we do to help us grow faster so we can help you find the best care for your pets!

How are payments processed? Is my information secure?

All payments are processed through WooCommerce, Stripe and/or PayPal and are secure!

If I’m unhappy with the services I received, can I get a refund?

We hope everyone has a great experience with the people they meet thru our site, but if you do have a dispute with your Service Provider it will need to be handled between you and them. Please make sure you discuss the Service Provider’s refund or resolution policy at your meet and greet before you enter into the service contract.

We encourage Pet Owners to return to our site and leave honest, respectful reviews about their Service Providers. Any reviews that are abusive or offensive will be removed.

We also encourage you to contact us so we can take the appropriate action to remove the sitter from our site if necessary.

If I want to rebook my Great Pet Sitter, do I have to use your site?

Nope! Once you and your Service Provider are in communication off our site, you can continue to work together for as long as you want without any need to do anything further on our site.