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Pricing and Promotions

Pet Owners who are looking to find a great pet sitter - your wanted listings are always free to post!
For our great Service Providers - we offer two options to post your service listing - both are 90 day listings, with one being a FEATURED listing (showing on the front page and the searches) and the other being a normal listing (showing in the searches only)

We also offer a 'Promote your Listing' service - once your ad is up and running, you can bump it up to the top of the listings and onto the front page Featured section - $15 for 15 days - to promote your ad, go to your listings in your dashboard.

PS – did we already tell you that all our prices are in Canadian dollars? No, we didn’t? Well guess what – as we are based in beautiful British Columbia Canada, all our pricing is in Canadian dollars!!

Pet Sitting WANTED


  • Pet Owners looking for a Pet Sitter
  • One listing submission
  • 30 days expiration

Pet Sitting SERVICES


  • Pet Sitters offering their SERVICES
  • 90 days expiration
  • Posted on GPS Social Media