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Spotlight on Business – We all want to make sure we are taking care of our pets as best we can – so what does your dog do to satisfy their chew desire? Hopefully you are giving them some great treats like those available from Bully Stick and not sacrificing your furniture! 

Most dogs love to chew on stuff, sometimes it’s things they shouldn’t be chewing on. Just ask CoCo how many thousands of times a day I ask her ‘what have you got now?’ 🙂 She’s a finicky dog when it comes to actually chewing on things though, in one way she loves to chew things, but isn’t interested in chewing on traditional chew treats. She will take a few chomps and then ‘bury’ it for safekeeping. Unless it’s something that has just the right texture and eatability! Then she is the Tootsie Pop Owl – lick, lick, lick, crunch! and the treat is gone! 

More information from the Bully Stick website on their great assortment of chews and treats: 

Bully Sticks, Pig Ears, Treats & Natural Dog Chews
Dogs love to chew, and that’s a good thing! Chewing helps keep their teeth clean and their jaws strong, and it can even reduce anxiety and boredom. Instead of discouraging this natural behavior, give your dog something to really get excited about – Bully Sticks!

Bully Sticks are a protein-rich, all-natural dog chew that provides more benefits than rawhide without the chemicals and difficult-to-digest ingredients. Made from 100% beef, these single-ingredient treats help prevent tartar and plaque buildup on teeth. They’re a great choice for frequent treats or a delicious distraction when you need some peace and quiet.

At Bully Stick, we offer a wide variety of bully sticks for dogs in different sizes and lengths, from thin to thick, braided and straight. We have something for every dog, no matter their chewing style. And if bully sticks aren’t their thing, we also have a selection of natural chews like cow ears, pig ears, tripe twists, duck feet, and gullet strips that offer both entertainment and enrichment.

Don’t miss out on the fun – browse Bully Stick to shop our wide variety of dog chews and treats today!


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