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Campbell River Partners for Animal Welfare Society

aka CRPAWS is a local to me charity that focuses on cats and kittens. They look after many colonies of feral cats in the northern Vancouver Island area, as well as providing valuable and much needed education and veterinary care to the animals in many remote areas. Many cat rescue organizations are under the impression that indoor only homes are the only homes that are acceptable for cats. CRPAWS does not believe in this. They fully believe that a cat can be happy and healthy being an outdoor cat that has a home! So they run a specific “Barn Cat” program directed at adopting cats into barns, warehouses and shops. But don’t worry – they also fully believe that cats are great pets and adopt into regular indoor pet homes too!

Every cat adopted from CRPAWS or that has been thru their Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program has been spayed or neutered, tattooed, vaccinated and treated for any other medical issues before being adopted or returned to their feral colony.

At Campbell River Partners for Animal Welfare Society (CRPAWS), we rescue, nurture, then place kittens and cats – first in our network of foster homes and then we carefully match them with loving furever homes. We are a passionate, volunteer-driven charity with extensive cat care experience.

We also administer the Lost and Found Animals of Campbell River Facebook group (LFACR), which works with over 8000 community members to assist in returning lost pets to their owners.

I know that CRPAWS also utilizes the online raffle or 50/50 programs so the best thing to do is to follow their social media (FaceBook or Instagram) to find their latest offering. Here is a link to the 50/50 raffle they have running right now until March 30, 2023. Unfortunately they don’t have a YouTube channel – so there’s no opportunity to watch videos. Cuz cute cat videos are things that nobody wants to watch right?


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